Institutions II

Materials for class on Wednesday, March 7, 2018



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International Trade Game

This game was originally developed by the international NGO Action Aid and adapted by Dr. John Sloman from the University of the West of England.


In the 8:00 section, lower income countries (C1 and C2) vastly outperformed the rich countries (A1 and A2). In the 9:30 section, both A1 and A2 outperformed everyone else. A1 and C1 merged countries (hence C1’s $0 outcome), and A2 blew everyone away, earning more than 50% of the total global output.

Section Country Total earnings % of world earnings
9:30 A2 $130,750 52.6%
8:00 B1 $26,900 27.0%
8:00 C1 $26,100 26.2%
8:00 C2 $21,700 21.7%
9:30 A1 $51,400 20.7%
8:00 A1 $17,700 17.7%
9:30 B1 $41,700 16.8%
9:30 C2 $24,950 10.0%
8:00 A2 $7,400 7.4%
9:30 C1 $0 0.0%

This distribution of wealth created a society with a Gini coefficient of 0.47:

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